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My first 3 weeks in Eldoret, Kenya

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My Dear friends,

I'm truly sorry for not writing my English blog any time earlier. It took me quite some time to settle down and get used to the pace of life in Eldoret.
Now that I finally have a desk and internet in my room, I will start from the very begin.

Tuesday 24th of August was the big day of departure. The start of my journey to Kenya. My sister and lot's of friends from the University waved me goodbye at Shiphop Airport. My first destination was Dubai. When I booked my ticket to Nairobi, there were several different cities to change planes. So why not choose for Dubai. (see photos)

Wednesday 25th of August, 07.05 PM - Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. To my surprise it was already dark in Nairobi. But although I had a clear view of the city. The major difference between the Dubai and Nairobi was almost shocking. Experiencing so many differences in way of life with only 6 hours in between.
From the airport I was brought to my hotel to continue my journey to Eldoret the next day.

Thursday 26th of August. I went by " matatu" (small shuttle bus/van) from Nairobi to Eldoret. It wasn't exactly comfortable but a very good opportunity to see the country side.

The first weekend of my time in Eldoret, I was invited by James Otieno ' Jowi' (my contact who arranged my internship at the Moi University) to stay at his place. Friday was a big day for all Kenyans; it was the signing of the new constitution. The start of the new Kenya.
Sunday I was at a meeting for setting up a youth society at the Eldoret club. Guess what happened? I was pronounced as 'Chair Lady' of the Eldoret Youngsters Society (EYS).

The first week of my internship I was invited to a workshop on concrete (not really aeronautical engineering related, but a good opportunity to get to know the students from the civil engineering department)
On Wednesday two exchange students (Arjan & Mels) from the Hogeschool Utrecht (The Netherlands) also arrived at the guesthouse. They will be here to join the first semester of Business management and Economics.

The second week I spend at the campus and went downtown (see photos). My new Kenyan friends were so kind to show me around. The main campus of Moi University is sited 30 km outside Eldoret. There is also a campus of law school which is called Annex. Medicine is situated downtown Eldoret.
Friday, classmates from Arjan and Mels brought us to the falls on campus. (See photos) After that we were invited to the freshmans party down at the student centre.
Saturday we spend at the Eldoret Sport Club to see the annual rugby tournament with the members of the EYS. Unfortunately Annex won and main campus ended up 2nd.
To after party was celebrated at Signature, a club in Eldoret. (see photos)

This week (the third week) I really started my internship at the University. My supervisors assigned me to build a wind tunnel for the Department of Civil Engineering. Purpose: Test facility for civil engineering structures like buildings, (suspension) bridges and towers. The plan is the realize the whole project in 20 weeks. Wish me luck!

It's Friday afternoon and in about 15 minutes I have my second meeting with my supervisors to discuss the functional analysis and customer requirements. After that the weekend starts! The plan is to go shopping and swimming this weekend.

Pictures are added to this blog and even more are on facebook. (username: vmjbakker)
This time I promise you to blog more frequently.

Have a nice weekend!

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